infoThink Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier (White)

【 infoThink 隨身淨系列 】隨身項鍊負離子空氣清淨機 (白色簡約款)
Product Family: 
air purifier, negative ions, PM2.5, PM0.1

Description and Overview 

20 Million Negative Ions  
Up to 99.9% removal of PM0.1 
- Made in Taiwan with Multinational Certification


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Product Features

• 20 million negative ions released per cm3/sec (MAX)
• Up to 99.9% of PM0.1 being efficiently removed
• Wearing design with light-weight chain
• Highly efficient negative ion generator with stylish chain made of stainless steel
• Ultra-light purifier cause no pressure on your neck
• Suitable for people with hay fever, allergy or commuters when in room or outside
• USB Rechargeable
• Operation modes:Indoor/ large amount of negative ions;Outdoor/ power saving
• Low ozone generation (<0.001ppm)
• Play Time:30 hours (indoor mode)
• Noiseless, filterless and no electromagnetic radiation
• Battery under overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and overcurrent protection
• SGS, BSMI, UN38.3, MSDS, CE certified
• Designed and made in Taiwan



1. Material:PC, 316 stainless steel
2. Product Size:69 x 25 x 18 mm
3. Product Weight:approx. 23g
4. Power Source:lithium battery
5. Charging Time:approx. 1 hour
6. Play Time:30 hours (indoor mode)
7. Modes of Output:outdoor(consecutive)、indoor(periodical)
8. Country of Origin:Taiwan (R.O.C.)



• InfoThink Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier x1
• Micro USB Cable x1
• Decorative Chain x2
• User's Guide x1



• CE, SGS, BSMI (lithium battery), UN38.3, MSDS


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